Where did these 101 ideas come from? Good question.
Some were contributed by professionals and handlers. Many are interventions and activities I've heard of that are just adapted to include an animal. Some are activities I've used in my own experience. Did I come up with all of them? Definitely not. I truly believe that no one really comes up with a new idea all on her own. Instead, we are inspired by ideas from others. We then take those ideas and adapt them to make them our own. It would be impossible for me to list the people who inspired these ideas, because I'd have to start clear back with my own elementary school teachers!

This is definitely not a comprehensive list, and I'd love it if you would contribute ideas of your own. I'm always looking for new ideas. What has worked for you? What interventions have you heard of that have worked for others?
Please fill free to add a comment and share your great ideas with the rest of the world!