What will you find in this book?


Games, Activities, Interventions, Discussions, Recipes, Songs, Booklists
and tips for applying all of these to your clients' goals

First you'll find 101 interventions. A few examples are Beauty Parlor, Up Close and Personal, Animal Bingo, Musical Dots, and Connections. Each intervention includes easy-to-follow instructions and specifies if the activity is best used with dogs, cats, small animals, birds, or horses.
Next you'll find an index of different physical, emotional, social, educational, speech, and life-skills goals and a list of the interventions that connect to each.

So...if you're a teacher, you would go to the Educational Goals section.  There you will find goals for Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. If your students are working on memorizing their multiplication facts, you would look under Mathematics, find the goal Memorizing Math Facts, and see a list of activities.
Finally, you'll find animal-related songs, recipes and booklists.

If you're a handler with a guinea pig who visits teenagers with eating disorders, perhaps you and the professional with whom you work will choose the activity In the Kitchen. You'll have several recipes available to you that small animals have found irresistable! There are even recipes for horses and birds. These lists of songs, books, and recipes will save you hours of planning and can give variety to your time with the therapy animal.
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